Welcome to CQ (Circadian Questions)

eSanté develops CQ (Circadian Questions). CQ is a user-friendly system for questions in smartphones and Java mobiles.

Prioritated areas e.g.:

- Fitness projects

- Studies

- Quality follow-up

- Market research

- Other projects demanding data capture in mobile phones. The areas of use are almost unlimited. Feel free to contact us for an open discussion!

CQ (Circadian Questions) is a mobile service using ordinary mobile phones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone (ver. 8 or later) and Java mobiles). Structured answers can be generated directly to the database with the help of VAS (Visual analogical scale), multiple-choice, whole numbers and decimal questions. A flash SMS reminds you to start the application. When starting CQ your questions are displayed in your mobile phone according to a preset time schedule. You simply answer. It?s quick and easy. Most people have a mobile phone and they almost always bring it with them. Mobiles elicit immediate response.

Contact us:

Managing Director
Agneta Cabreus
Phone: +46 (0)70 231 32 00
Phone: +46 (0)650 40 13 95
E-mail: cqsupport@esante.se

Postal/Visiting address
eSanté AB
c/o Agneta Cabreus
Torstenssonsgatan 13
SE-114 56 Stockholm